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Sarvavaidika Samsthanam
India is a Vedic country and a land of karma. Vedic karmanustanam is our duty, but these vedic karmas have lost their prominences, temporarily, during the period of foreign rulers. The path of gnana undermined the significance of vedic karmas and made karma vada vulnerable.

At this juncture, people felt the necessity of a plot form to bring up unity of the different sampradayas, fostered with nationalism. To fulfill this aim, Sribhashyam Vijayasarathi launched the platform called Sarvavaidika Samsthanam. The Samsthanam is founded in Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, in an area of about more than an acre where Sri Yagnavaraha Kshetram was established in the year 1986. ...read more

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